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Chargeback cap 1).

  • 1 You cannot chargeback! All sales are final.

General cap 2).

  • 1 It's your responsibility to keep your "Account information" private.
  • 2 As in 1, we are not responsible for Hijacked accounts or stolen content.
  • 3 Purchasing a product doesn't make you immune against our "Server Rules".
  • 4 When you are banned your account will be frozen.
  • 5 Trading/Selling/Giving away content is your responsibility.

Prohibition of Offensive Behaviour cap 3).

  • Racist, intolerant, "hate", defamatory, "stalking", invitations to fight, threatening or any communication of any nature that we decide, in our sole discretion, as being improper, will result in service termination without prior notice. Subscribers may not make comments on online social networking, blogs, forums or any online media websites, that we deem to be inproper, unfair or discourteous to the effort made my employees. Your account may be suspended or terminated without refund. This includes, but is not limited to, threats to sue, slander, libel, publicly post, or initiate a chargeback.

Changes to the cap 4).

  • 1 GB-ROAD.COM reserves the right to revise its policies at any time without notice.
  • 2 If you do not agree with our terms of service then simply do not use our services.
  • 3 Spell errors/grammar errors may have been occurred, if you don't understand, do not purchase.